Fencing World Championships: Live Stream

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Live streaming will be available for all of the finals.

Live streaming will be available for all of the finals.

Live Streaming of the 2013 Fencing World Championships:

Wednesday, August 7th.

The FIE is running a live stream of the elimination matches in for the 2013 Fencing World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.   The evening sessions are broadcast with equipment similar to the one used at the Olympic Games, including a high speed super slow motion camera recording 800 frames per second and three super slow cameras. The director of TV production is Barna Heder who has produced the fencing world feed for the last five Olympic Games.

Combined Stream (Use this to have an overview of the bouts and pick the interesting one to focus on):

If you want to look at a specific strip, the FIE is running live streams for each strip. You can access those live streams below for even more fencing action:

Blue Strip:

Green Strip:

Yellow Strip:

Red Strip:

Later this morning, the semi-finals and finals will be broadcast on another stream here:

Fencing World Championships: Women’s Foil and Men’s Saber Finals

Expanded coverage on Universal Sports:

Universal Sports is also broadcasting the finals of the 2013 World Championships via it’s online Olympics channel at http://universalsports.com/olympics/. The live streaming by Universal Sports will begin each day at noon eastern.

More showcases from the FIE: The elections to the FIE Athletes Commission will also be conducted during the week, while the Championships will also have special significance due to the fact that the FIE is celebrating its centenary anniversary in 2013.

A Hall of Fame as well as an exhibition about the history of the sport and the governing body will be held alongside the action, with valuable fencing artifacts being made available to the public.

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