Misc: 7 Letter Words That Use All 5 Vowels

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After archiving and sun-setting our forums last year, we at Fencing.net have been combing through the archives to try and preserve and convert any of the old threads used as sources of information. One strangely popular topic in the forums was “7 letter words that use all 5 vowels” – a general thread where someone asked for help on their crossword puzzle! Not quite in our wheelhouse, but in order to preserve the content, below is a summary of words that came up, including their definitions! We did prune out a few words that we were unable to define for ourselves.

  • Abstemious – not self-indulgent, especially when eating and drinking.
  • Abstentious – not self-indulgent, especially when eating and drinking.
  • Acheilous – lipless
  • Acleistous – not closed
  • Acheirous – of or pertaining to acheiria (lacking one or both hands)
  • Aerious – of or like air; airy
  • Affectious – affectionate
  • Anemious – growing in exposed windy places
  • Annelidous – of or pertaining to annelids
  • Arsenious – of or pertaning to arsenic
  • Arteriosus – a blood vessel in the developing fetus connecting the trunk of the pulmonary artery to the proximal descending aorta.
  • Caesious – having a blue color very low in chroma
  • Eulogia – another term for eulogy
  • Facetious – treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
  • Fracedinous – producing heat through putrefaction.
  • Majestious – impressive in a dignified or inspiring manner; stately; grand.
  • Miaoued – to make the sound of a cat. to make a spiteful or catty remark.
  • Parecious – decorum. the act of or need for making up one’s mind. dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc.
  • Sequoia – either of two huge coniferous California trees of the bald cypress family that may reach a height of over 300 feet (90 meters)

Misc: 7 Letter Words That Use All 5 Vowels

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