Fencing Puns!

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After archiving and sun-setting our forums last year, we at Fencing.net have been combing through the archives to try and preserve and convert any of the old threads used as sources of information. One recurring topic that resulted in a number of popular threads was about fencing puns! Below is a curated collection from our archives all in one spot:

  • Oh reely?
  • What’s the point?
  • Don’t get so touchy about it.
  • To put a fine point on it.
  • Foiled again!
  • Perhaps we should fleche these puns out a bit.
  • Jokes like these should be e-scrime
  • Pretty lame
  • Don’t let your guard down
  • Piste off
  • There will be hell to epee
  • Not your forte
  • We all have our foilbles
  • Sometimes all we need to do is put our guard down and we will be deeply touched.

If you have any other good ones, leave a comment below and we’ll keep adding to this list over time!

Fencing Puns!

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