Reshetnikov wins All-Russia Sabre Final

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Veniamin Reshetnikov (RUS) defeated teammate and Olympic bronze medalist, Nikolay Kovalev (RUS), 15-13 in the finals of the 2013 Fencing World Championships for Men’s Sabre.

Daryl Homer (USA) placed highest for the US team, but was knocked out of the top-16 by Csanad Gemesi (HUN) – placing 18th.
Medalists from the 2013 Men's Sabre Finals. Photo:

Medalists from the 2013 Men’s Sabre Finals. Photo:

Hungarian 2012 Olympic Champion Aron Szilagyi advanced to the semi-finals, winning in the 16 DE against Aldo Montano (ITA) 15:9 and then against his team mate Csanad Gemesi in an easy manner. Supported by a fantastic home crowd he fought against Veniamin Reshetnikov (RUS). The match was tied for a long time and in the end Reshetnikov managed to make the last hit 15:14. He went on to the gold medal match and prevailed in another close match 15:13 against his compatriot Nikolay Kovalev.

Veniamin Reshetnikov said: „It was very hard to face my own teammate in the final. In this season we met twice on the piste and he succeded both times, so I can be fully happy and satisfied with this victory!”

Aron Szilagyi: „This is the first single world championship medal which I could be happy with, but I definitely wanted to win this semi-final on home turf. I even had my chances, unfortunately he was better prepared. I still have the teams’ competition, and I have to get some rest until that. I’m really grateful for the supporters; the atmosphere at the arena was amazing!”

Final Results: 2013 Men’s Sabre Fencing World Championships

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