New Product: NEPS Epee Point Screws

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NEPS: A new screw for epee fencers.

NEPS: A new screw for epee fencers.

This is a pretty cool new product that came across the Armory Section of the Fencing.Net Forums.  An engineer in Spain had come up with a new epee point screw that was compatible with the existing epee tips but designed to be longer lasting and to hold into epee tips better than the current grub screws.

The main design of the NEPS (New Epee Point Screw) revolves around it being a center-hollow cored screw with a steel collar at the midpoint of the screw.  That lets you put the screw in from either side up to the collar and the collar both provides extra friction against the tip (preventing the screw from coming out), and makes sure you don’t over-tighten the screw and pierce the insulation layer within the tip.

The hollow core of the screw allows for the use of a new driver tool to align the screw with the screw hole in the epee tip.  The tool also keeps hold of the screw, making installing the screws a bit easier.  The screws also have the traditional slot so you can use your standard precision screwdriver as well.

One draw back to using a regular screwdriver is the fact that these screws are made with stainless steel, so the trick of using a magnetized screwdriver to hold onto them won’t work.  That’s what the special tool is for, but if you’re not afraid of dropping the screw, you can use the regular driver.

These have just hit the market but initial feedback has been good.  Read this thread for more feedback – since people are now receiving them there should be updates coming in over the next few weeks.

Product Information:


NEPS on the NEPS Driver

NEPS on the NEPS Driver

NEPS (new epee point screw): available with driver at Shop.Fencing.Net [link]

Pack of 10 screws + driver: $10.00 with free shipping.





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