Miles Chamley-Watson wins Gold at Fencing World Championships

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Fencing: Miles Chamley-Watson

Miles Chamley-Watson wins the 2013 Fencing World Championship in Men’s Foil. Photo S.Timacheff/

Budapest, 9 August 2013 – Miles Chamley-Watson (USA) becomes world champion in men’s foil and Olga Kharlan (UKR) takes her first individual gold at world championships.

Today’s men’s foil competition was full of surprises. None of the top seeded fencers made it into the semi-finals. World number 1 Andrea Cassara (ITA) lost his quarter-final bout against Rostyslav Hertsyk (UKR), Olympic Champion 2012 Lei Sheng dropped also out in the quarterfinals and Andrea Baldini (ITA), four time world champion Peter Joppich (GER) and Olympic silver medallist 2012 Alaaelding Abouelkassem did not even reach the top 8.

In the end, it was world number 6 Artur Akhmatkhuzin (RUS) and Miles Chamley-Watson (USA) that made it to the gold medal fight. Chamley-Watson had a fantastic start into the fight and was soon several touches ahead. He did not relent and closed the match at 15:6 to become the first US world champion in men’s foil.

This is the first medal for the United States at the 2013 Fencing World Championships.

Miles Chamley-Watson’s path through the championships: 

Chamley-Watson started these World Championships fencing in the preliminary rounds where he won all of his matches to earn the 19th seed entering the elimination portion of the tournament. After winning his first match 15-12 he put through two 15-14 matches to knock out higher seeds. His first was Italy’s Giorgio Avola, the 2011 bronze medalist, followed by Alexey Cheremisinov (RUS) who held a #3 world ranking.

In the final 8 Miles followed up with another 15-14 victory over Sebastian Bachmann (GER). Bachmann had already knocked out #6 James Davis (GBR) but was unable to hold onto an early lead against Chamley-Watson.

Once in the semi-finals, Miles Chamley-Watson took control, dispatching Valerio Aspromonte (ITA) 15-9 and domining in the gold medal match against Artur Akhmatkhuzin (RUS) 15-6.

Women’s Sabre: Kharlan wins Individual Women’s Sabre Title

In women’s sabre, Olympic bronze medallist 2012 Olga Kharlan (UKR) showed an impressive fighting spirit in the semi-final against 2012 Olympic Champion Kim Jiyeon (KOR) and won 15:14 after being several times behind in a very close match. In the final she faced Ekaterina Dyatchenko (RUS) who had eliminated two times indivdual Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis (USA) in a tied quarterfinal 15:14 and then beat Irene Vecchi (ITA) 15:12 to advance to the final.

In the final, Olga Kharlan overran Dyatchenko in the first half of the match and soon led 9:3. Dyatchenko fought back, closed the gap and tied at 12:12. However, Kharlan stayed concentrated and touched three times in a row to finish the match 15:12. It was her fifth straight podium position at a major event but her first individual title.

Final Results: Men’s Foil

Olga Kharlan - 2013 Womens Sabre World Champion

Olga Kharlan won gold in Women’s Sabre. Photo S.Timacheff/

Final Results: Women’s Sabre

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