FIE legt beslissing over protest in Dames Degen Halve Finale uit

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LONDON, 31 July – via Olympic News Service: The International Fencing Federation (FIE) issued a statement on Tuesday justifying their ruling to award semifinal victory to Britta HEIDEMANN (GER) in the last second of extra time in Monday’s match with SHIN A Lam (KOR), who staged a sit-in protest. The FIE had deliberated the decision for more than an hour.

The statement read:

“Korean epeeist SHIN A Lam (KOR) remained on the piste after a dispute over the result of her semifinal bout against Britta HEIDEMANN (GER) at ExCeL on Monday (30 July).”

“The Korean delegation complained about the referee awarding to Britta HEIDEMANN (GER) the decisive hit which was scored during the additional minute of the bout. To set the complaint, the Korean delegation had to pay a deposit of guarantee of 80 USD (United States dollars) (or equivalent) according to article t. 95. 4.”

“The protest was reviewed by the “Directoire Technique”, the appropiate body that also acts as the Jury of Appeal during the Olympic Games.”

“As per the FIE’s official policies and procedures, the Directoire Technique checked the regulations and analysed the testimony of all officials involved. Consequently, the FIE ensured that a proper decision had been reached, respecting the FIE’s rules and regulations.”

“The Directoire Technique determined that the protest was groundless. It was thus rejected in its entirety. The hit had been awarded and confirmed by the referee, whose decision is final according to article t. 42 of the Rules.”

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