7 Principles of fencing that translate to the business world

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Fencing2_s640x420In a recent article in the New York Times, Trip Advisor CEO Stephen Kaufer briefly glossed over the virtues fencing had instilled in him. “In fencing, you have to think three moves ahead. It turned out to be good training for corporate life,” Kaufer said.

Stephen Kaufer

Stephen Kaufer

While fencing itself was not the central focus of Kaufer’s article, his truthful words spurred my thinking as to ways in which the principles of fencing do translate to the world of modern business. In his latest in theWashington Times, Coach Damien Lehfeldt discusses how fencing has carried over to his career in business. These include:

  • Ability to remain calm
  • Ability to overcome adversity
  • Ability to adapt to cultural norms
  • Ability to prepare (or be slapped around like a disobedient puppy)

You can read the full article on the Washington Times Communities Page.

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