9 Fencers in Fox’s 99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes

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Tim Morehouse ESPN Body Issue 2012

Tim Morehouse ESPN Body Issue 2012

Fencing is a sexy sport.  At least that’s the implication as 9 fencers made Fox’s list of 99 Sexiest Athletes of the 2012 Olympics.

The US wins in this competition with 4 fencers named, followed by fencers from Italy, Great Britain, Poland, and Ukraine.

And the sexiest weapon?  That’s foil.





Here are the links to the slideshow and some other photos we found on the web:

Aldo Montano (ITA) – Men’s Sabre

Italian fencing Olimpic Champion Aldo Montano attends the press conference unveiling him as new Virtus Scherma Fencing Team signing on February 9, 2012 in Bologna, Italy. Montano, like a number of European fencers, has been featured in product advertisements like this one.

Elisa Di Francisca (ITA) – Women’s Foil

Elisa Di Francisca holds the #1 world ranking in Women’s Foil. She’s also a model, as you can see in her official site.

Nzingha Prescod (USA) – Women’s Foil

Mike Dote has been capturing the US Fencing athletes and his latest photo shoot included Prescod.

Olga Kharlan (UKR) – Women’s Sabre

Kharlan, along with the other members of the Ukrainian Women’s Sabre team, appeared on the cover of FHM. Kharlan was sponsored by Red Bull in 2010. (Photo: Sergey Illin/Red Bull Photofiles)

Race Imboden (USA) – Men’s Foil

Race Imboden at the 2012 Junior World Championships. Photo ©2012 Serge Timacheff/FencingPhotos

Richard Kruse (GBR) – Men’s Foil

Soren Thompson (USA) – Men’s Epee

Soren Thompson

Photo: Mike Dote- www.mikedote.com Wardrobe styling by Djara and Male grooming by Harry Jefferson

Sylwia Gruchala (POL) – Women’s Foil

Gruchala has been on this list for a long time! She’s been in the European version of Dancing with the Stars and had sponsorship from Red Bull. Here is the link to the Miloko photoshoot.

Tim Morehouse (USA) – Men’s Sabre

Tim made it into ESPN’s The Body issue. He’s headed to his 2nd Olympics (3rd if you count Athens where he was the team alternate) and starting up his own fencing media push with Fencing Masters.

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