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Fencing Glossary (humor) 0

Fencing Glossary (humor)

Abstain: French for “so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” Advance: Forward motion made by male fencers toward female fencers, usually resulting in a three-yard penalty, a red card, and a slap across the face....

Lock up Your Silver: There’s Fencers in Town 0

Lock up Your Silver: There’s Fencers in Town

You can pick them out of the crowd. They travel in little groups that have “Attitude” written all over them. They sneer. They like to jostle strangers and push elderly women into the bus...

Dave Berry on fencing 0

Dave Berry on fencing

To the Point, this Fencing is the Stuff of Soaps If you want to see a sport that combines the element of fast-paced action with the element of people screaming in French, you should...

Casey on the Strip 0

Casey on the Strip

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the foil squad that night; The score stood seven bouts to five, with three more left to fight, And after Cooney’s body cord had snapped – and so he...

Zidane schermt voor Adidas (Paul Hunter) 0

Zidane schermt voor Adidas (Paul Hunter)

Paul Hunter, gevierd maker van publiciteitsfilms en muziekclips (Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna) geeft een nieuwe draai aan de nieuwe deodorant van Adidas waarin hij Zinedine Zidane laat figureren. De voetballer kruipt deze keer in de huid van een...

Nieuwe poging! 0

Nieuwe poging!

Welkom bij Schermsport.NL. Dit is een nieuwe poging om deze site in de lucht te krijgen!